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Shy Di


  • Would You Go with Me3:49

Minerva stared down at us, as our feet stumbled across the creaky wooden floors of ancient Newark High School. Our thoughts were on Elvis, a new gadget called television, Sputnik and how soon could we escape to the Pool Room or the
​Sparta Restaurant.

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You spell it Newark,Ohio, they pronounce it Nerk, Ahia. No one really knows why. Just think of it as our contribution to "My Fair Lady" and regional dialect. If Newarkites had their way, the sign at the entrance to the city would say Nerk, Ahia.

The huge factory at the corner of Union Street and Wehrle Avenue in Newark, Ohio had several names through the years. 
Started out as the Wehrle Works, then became the Newark Stove Company (owned by Sears) and finally the Roper Company.

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Twenty years ago, I received an email from a woman named Diana, who used to live across Jefferson Road from me, in Newark. Her home is now in New Mexico and she asked if I would send her some photos, from one of our class reunions. This is how began. Over 80 web pages later and many nights on the computer until 3am, the Website evolved.  Philip Vaughn.

Check Out Mary Lou Piper Scott's Official, NHS Class of '59 Website:

Newark Ohio Hometown Memories

A Wonderfully Restored Minerva, is now back at Newark High School.
In 2015, the Class of 1953 sponsored the restoration of the statue with Tom Leidy and Dan Stricker, co-chairmen.
In 2016, the Class of 1959 sponsored the display, with Tom Heisey and Jack Shumaker,
The panel was designed by A & D Advertising Design of Granville, Ohio.