Senior Class Officers 1959

Senior Class 1959 Colors: Violet and White
Flower: White Orchid

Motto: We have committed the Golden Rule

to memory, let us now commit it to life.
Class Size: 370

Attending Philip Vaughn's sixth birthday party on Jefferson Road in 1947
are LtoR, Diana Patterson, Sue Hollar, Diane Douglas, Philip Vogelmier,

Philip Vaughn, Janet Leiber, Tom Chapman and Sally Vaughn.


The original 45th Reunion pages are no longer available.
​Here is a sample of what was on the pages.


What is this website all about?
Logging on to the official Class of '59 website in 2003, I noticed Diana Patterson had signed the guest book. Diana and I had not seen or talked to one another in forty-five years. We had been childhood neighbors, on Jefferson Road, in the north end of Newark. An email was sent and catching up became a daily occurrence, from her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico to my home in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. 

Diana was not able to attend the 45th Reunion so she asked that I take some photographs for her. This is what you see here on these pages.

A way for Diana and you, to pretend you were there, visiting with all your favorite high

school pals. 

 Front Row: Gail Wolever, Julia Mercer McCullough, Donna Lusk Stasel, Karen Wallace 
Middle Row: Jean Keylor Wetzel, Diana Jacobs Myers, Susie Null Wolfe 
Back Row: Sandy Scaffide Harlow, Marcella Amspaugh

Newark High School, 1959 • Newark, Ohio 
August 21, 2004 • The Place off the Square • 45th reunion

Janet Stauffer, Cookie Thropp, Connie Phillips

Dave Adams, Vice President     Jack Fulton, President 

Shalmir Watson, Treasurer     Marilyn Boyling, Secretary