Class Secretary, Marilyn Boyling • Class President, Jack Fulton 


Jack Fulton, Judy Fulton, Jack Shumaker

Prom night 1959…Nope!

Twas a whole lot of wonderful people, having a terrific time, in Newark, Ohio.

NHS Cheerleaders, Marilyn Boyling, Sandy Birkey, Julia Mercer, Dee Dee Douglas

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Same location, same bunch of crazy kids out for a memorable night on the town.

This was the event of the century, the 50th Reunion of the Newark, Ohio High School and the Newark Catholic High School classes of 1959, September 19th, 2009.

The Elks Lodge on 3rd Street in downtown Newark was packed wall to wall and the energy level was sky high.

235 Classmates, husbands, wives and friends turned a late Summer evening into a lifetime of memories.

They were screaming, hugging, laughing, smiling, kissing, groping, dancing and then collapsing back to their tables