Not a dull moment transpired, from the minute you walked in the door to the Newark High School 50th Reunion, until you dragged yourself home. Something was going on all the time.

All night long a classmate would whip out their bifocals to read a name tag. Then they would squeal out loud, discovering an old friend they had not seen in forty or fifty years.

Here is a page of random photos taken at the 50th Reunion Dinner, Saturday night, September 19th, 2009. 

L to R: Jerry Robinson, Jackie Ketchum, John Bibart, Mary Twinem, Brenda Waddell, Pat Evans.

Garry McLaughlin sets up the projector for his "In Memoriam" presentation.

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Taking a look around 


Newark Township Classmates at the reunion

I'm having me a real good time.

Mob Photo Scene on Stage.