Larry Pagel and Jerry Nethers.

Paul, Nan and Jerry Robinson going digital.

Thursday Night's Reunion Weekend Kickoff at Tony's Bar.

Terry Ruble, Frank, Jerry "Twelve String" Robinson and Nick Cook.

Would love to have photos you took, at the many reunion festivities. There were dozens of cameras floating around Newark and flashes sparkling every where. 

Send them, preferably in J-peg format and provide any information you have, on the photos. Send them to: 

45's for the CD, in this "Stack of Wax,"
were found in a Reynoldsburg, Ohio attic. 

Frank Queen and John Needles, a fine duet.

Owes Child Support in five states!

Nick Cook checks out the food tent..

Bob Sheets, Jim Smith and Dick's '57 Chevy.

Tom Heisey, Diana Jacobs and Susie Null.


Carol and Jack Shoults do a shout out to the band.

Joanne McCleary, Tom Heisey, Diana Jacobs and Sonja Clark.

Newark High Class of 1959 50th Reunion Dinner.

Thank you Susie Null Wolfe for the Photos.


NHS Cheerleaders, Marilyn Boyling, Sandy Birkey, Julia Mercer, Dee Dee Douglas.

Dennis Wolfe, Larry Pagel, Gary Scott, Dick Dudgeon, Scott Marzano, Roger Metcalf, Bob Sheets, and Jim Leslie.

Tom Heisey and Dick Dudgeon.

Thank you Billie Richey for the Photos.

Diana Jacobs, Sue Null, Mary Lou Piper, Mary Phares, 

Jackie Ketchum,

The sweet sound of Frank Queen on lead guitar.

Mary Lou Piper, Julie Ketner and Danny Davis.

Many other weekend activities were spawned by our 50th class reunion. Some classmates had cookouts or dinners for out of town friends. Others gathered at local restaurants, toured Longaberger's, the Historical Society or other Newark Landmarks. There was the football game, a night at Tony's Bar, the Mixer and the Sunday Jam Session. Please send your photos, to share with all our classmates, who view this website.       Thank you....Philip.

Dick Dudgeon, Susan Marzano reading poem, Scott Marzano, Roger Metcalf, Jim Smith and Larry Pagel.

Dick Dudgeon's Wednesday Reunion Open House

Philip and Joyce Vaughn fired up the grill on Sunday, for their Reunion friends from Albuquerque, Diana (Patterson) and Gerry Jones.

Philip and Diana were Jefferson Road neighbors during their school years in Newark.

Jackie Ketchum and Danny Davis.

Larry Pagel and Susie Null.

Photos sent in by Classmates. 

Frank Queen's Jam Session on the Ranch of Classmate Jerry Robinson, Sunday Afternoon
​following the Reunion Dinner.

Thank you Everett Hollingshead for the Photos and the CD.
All Songs Feature Classmate Frank Queen on Guitar.

Scott Marzano, Dick Dudgeon and Larry Pagel.

Jan and Ralph Spangler waiting off stage, as the main attraction.

Dixie Hannahs, Dick Dudgeon and Ann Feaster.

Wailing on sax is Dick Foreman, along with Frank and Nick.

Carole Boyling, Sue Landefeld, Ed Bailey, June Beggs..