NHS CHEERLEADERS:  DeDe Douglas Tomlinson, 
Julia Mercer McCullough, Sandy Birkey Erick

Wilson Junior High School Group

Tom Heisey, Tom Chapman, Judy Schenk Gilbert, Danny Davis, Sandy Strouse McWilliams,

Jim Frasher, Judy Houseman Hackley,  Vicki Keck Goldsmith, Don Harris, Carol Fox Koehler, Gary Scott

This is Your Home Town

June Beggs Nethers, Clair Schell, Julie Alexander Schell

Danny Davis, Tom Heisey, Judi Schenk Gilbert,
Jack Shoults, Sandy Strouse McWilliams

"That's All Folks" 

Vicki and Philip say, "Hope to see you in 2024."


Judy Kiki Humes Walp had big plans to be at the Reunion.

The Weatherman and her husband David, said "Not so fast Judy."

Newark High School • Newark, Ohio • Class of 1959 • 60th Reunion 2019

Jim Frasher, Martha Imhoff Frasher