My guess is it would be classified as a psychological disorder, but I have a tough time throwing things away. There are notes passed to me in the third grade, at Roosevelt Junior High School, stuck away in boxes in my attic. 
The website you have reached here, is my way of reliving all those wonderful years of growing up in Newark, Ohio. Long live the Fifties!

In all my treasures of the past however, two photos have eluded me. One is a photo of the Fairfield Shoppe, formerly located at the corner of Fairfield Avenue and Mt. Vernon Road in Newark, Ohio.  The other is a photo of the Hi-Boy Drive Inn, on RT-79 in Heath. If anyone out there has any type of photograph of these hallowed sites, please do not hesitate to send it to me.

Grew up in Newark, Ohio ( on Jefferson Road, four houses from the north side city limits and Log Pond Run. Lived two miles from the downtown pool room and spent a lot of time on Linville Pike and at Camp Falling Rock. A typical car crazy teenager in the American Graffiti Fifties Forever. Drove a 1931 Model "A" Ford coupe, with a sign in the back window that said, "Don't laugh lady, your daughter may be in here."

As mentioned on the Home Page, this website started by a photo request from a former neighbor Diana Patterson. From there it turned into a class of '59 memories. As teenagers, you don't have any memories. By the time you hit fifty, that is about all you have left. By the time you hit 70, you spend half of your time, trying to remember
​your memories.

Now, here we are, crashing into our 80's. Somewhere along the line it sounded like a good idea, to try and write down some of our better memories. We drive ourselves nuts, constantly asking the the same stupid questions, 5 times a day.

Well it's a good idea to have a memory book, but one has to liven things up, by adding a little humor now and then. Tell a little white lie about Bill Johns, or brag about kissing Shalmir Watson, when she had no clue, who the hell you were.

So kids, play along and let's see what happens tomorrow...Philip Vaughn,2018

A miracle has happened, sent to me on Christmas Eve 2011, by classmate Julie Ketner. A 1957 partial photo of the Fairfield Shoppe, the dark building to the right of the pick-up truck. Julie's brother, Bob, looks for buried treasure.


     Finally !!!

Any photos from your youth are welcomed on this site. This includes photos of buildings and places where all of us hung out. Send them to my email address, drop them off or mail copies of them to: 

Philip Vaughn
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