Still hanging on the wall of my Workshop,
​on Rosehill Road, in Reynoldsburg 2019

Members and their Cars:
Paul Dove, '46 Ford Coupe
Keith Irwin, '49 Chevy Fastback
Wilbur Kirkendall, '52 Chevy Flamed
Art Lewis, Buster Browns
Frank Queen, '55 Chevy Nomad Wgn
Jerry Robinson, '48 Ford Convertible
Dave Sanor, '51 Ford 2 Dr Mint Green
Mick Spring, '50 Ford Coupe
Philip Vaughn, '31 Model A Coupe
Larry Watson, '50 Ford

Shown attending this Louvers Car Club Meeting in 1958,
at 112 W. Poplar Avenue, home of Frank Queen, are:

Music Playing • Booker T & the M G 's - Green Onions • A 1950's Hot Rod Favorite 

Every time a patron bought gas, a club member would rush out to the pump when the car departed and dribble out the gas, left in the nozzle, into a coffee can. After several hours there was enough gas to get us to the Hi-Boy Drive In or to take a couple of laps around the Courthouse square, in Newark, Ohio.

The Motto of the Louver's Car Club was, "Safety and Courtesy to Other Drivers and the Driving Laws of Ohio." Our meetings were every Thursday at 8:30 P.M. at a members home and the Membership fee was 50 cents. 

The main reason for having a car club was to have a really cool car club plaque hanging from your back bumper. And the Louvers had the coolest plaque of all, sand casted by Mr. Bob White, at his eastside aluminum foundry. 

Front Row: Larry Watson, Frank Queen, "Rocky," Dave Sanor-Treasurer. 
Middle Row: Rick Vanwinkle, Tom Gordon, Courtland Maple, Art Lewis.
Back Row: Philip Vaughn-Vice-President, Jerry Robinson,
​Keith Irwin-President, Paul Dove-Secretary.

Jerry Robinson hard at work at Greens Motor Clinic in 1956. Gasoline was 35 cents a gallon.

Membership Booklet

Louvers, punched in the hood of your Hot Rod, to let all that hot air escape, from the monster engine you squeezed in there.

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      Moundbuilders       Sports Car Club

There were about ten different car clubs at Newark High during the Fifties and the most organized of those was the Louvers. When we wore our blue and white jackets, with the collar turned up, all the girls thought it said "The Lovers." We didn't mind.

Our unofficial Headquarters was Green's Motor Clinic at the corner of West Main Street and South 6th Street. Green's employee and Louver member, Jerry Robinson, made sure there was always enough room for us to loaf around the place. 

Louvers CAR Club 

Dictionary: lou-ver. A slatted, ventilating opening,
​as on the hood of a motor vehicle. 

  • Green Onions2:26