Newark High School Cheerleaders
Newark, Ohio 1958

Cheerleading Camp, Syracuse, Indiana

8th Grade Cheerleaders: Central, Roosevelt and Blessed Sacrament Schools 
​Sandy Birkey, Joanne Spurrier, Victoria Fitzsimmons Susan Scott, Diana Douglas,
Connie Stricker, ​Julie Alexander, Susan Goodwin.

Could those Skirts possibly be any Longer!
Varsity NHS Cheerleaders: Diana Douglas, Julia Mercer, Bonnie Sunkle, Sandy Birkey, Pat Montanaro, Marilyn Boyling.

Roosevelt School Cheerleaders
​Newark, Ohio 1956 

Up Front: Jim Church. Line Up: L to R, Julia Mercer, Susie Scott, Patty Gamble, Mary Twinem, Marilyn Boyling and Janie Davidson.

Courtesy of Marilyn Boyling

L to R, Diana Douglass, Julia Mercer, Emily Neff, Sally Deveraux,
​Sandy Birkey, Marilyn Boyling, Jane Kirk and Ann Trexel.