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Remember ole "What's her Name?"

Some simply moved away to other school districts. Others left on their own to get a fast start on life and others, for various reasons, changed grades. This list is made up by the reunion committee, of everyone they contacted in the year 2010, concerning activities of the Class of '59.

Ours was a very special class. The last class to attend Newark High in the "Fabulous Fifties." There will never again be a decade quite like the "Fifties." Television, Outer Space and Elvis entered our lives. Earth shaking events!.

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Where are the Rabbit Ears?


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Elvis 1953

Who were our Classmates ? They were anyone that went to Newark High School in Newark, Ohio, the same time we did. The Class of '59, our class, had a little over 350 members. The list you will see here contains both those who graduated with us, or left Newark High School before 1959.