Eight Grade Franklin Township School 1954

Front Row: Lowell Irwin ( age 3), Doris Moomaw, Sally Shields, Brenda Caste,
Anita Bates, Barbara Dickerson, Louise Weiss, Judy Appleman.
Middle Row: Erma Irwin (school cook), Beverly Clayton, Karen Clark,
Larry Watson, John Appleman, Keith Irwin, Mrs. Mallet. 
Back Row: Bobby Clark, Gary Killworth, Mike Paulson, David Kettle,
Jerry Watson, David Varrasso, Roger Clark, David Strate, Larry Norman.
This school had only 3 classrooms, so this is the 4th, 5th and 6th grades. 
Erma Irwin (Keith's mother) was the school cook and she took Lowell to school with her while she worked.

Thanks to Jerry Robinson

Sixth Grade Franklin Township School 1952

Front Row: Anita Bates, Barbara Dickerson, Karen Clark, Sally Shields 
Back Row: Keith Irwin, David Varasso, Larry Watson, Roger Clark. 

This is the 8th grade graduating class of 1954, from Franklin Township School, on Flintridge Road. The school was shut down when they opened the new Ben Franklin school on South Second Street.
Some of these students went on to Central School in Newark, and some went on to Jacksontown School on RT. 13, for their freshman year, depending on their address at the time.

​Thanks to Jerry Robinson