"Sonny" Conklin peeks out from the right side of the Butler's Confectionery sign, his friend on the left, is Ben Cost, 1953.

June Beggs   The Potato Chip Factory   21st St. & Raccoon Creek
Philip Vaughn   Fairfield Shoppe   Fairfield Ave. & Mt. Vernon Rd.
Diana Patterson   The Sparta   16 West Main St
Bill Johns   Watson's Grocery   247 West Main St. by the bridge
Jerry Robinson   Arcade Pool Room   18 West Main St.
Jim Amspaugh   Snack Bar   E. Main St. next to Lincoln School

Bilandi's Pizza, is thought to be the first "pizza only" joint in Newark. Two brothers named Bill and Andy combined their names to give an Italian sound to the venture. The building is on the corner of Hudson Avenue and Channel Street. Campolo's served pizza on 2nd Street, as did Annarino's on East Main, but they were full menu restaurants.

How fast could you run to the Pool Room, when that last class bell rang out and you ran straight down Main Street two blocks.


"Run over to Bill's and get me a quart of milk." This was almost a daily directive living in the North end of Newark in the Fifties. Bill Kolz ran the north Beckman's Market, but everyone called it "Bill's". Bill leased the market from my grandparents George and Ociola beckman for years. (Debi Presley Ogle) He was later a meat cutter at Ghilonis until his retirement. (Kathy Dickerson Trager) 
Hours were spent hanging out on the elevated porch, eating penny candy, licking push-ups and downing a soda. Bill was a quiet man and never ran us off.
Today, the building at the corner of Moull Street and Woods Avenue, is a Hair Design Center called
​California Concept.

Brook's Cedar Street Market at Clarendon and Cedar Streets
400 Shoppe Mt. Vernon Road
11th Street Market between Church and Main Street
Central City Pool Hall
Keyes Confectionary 693 W. Main St.
Frush's Red and White Market
Rodeniser's Grocery
Busy Bee in the Arcade
Lane & Holtz Grocery, Maple and North
Heminger Soda-Shop, Maple and North
Keck's Carry Out, Maple and Shields
Herb's Market, Hudson and Oak
Open Pantry, on Mt. Vernon
Party House, on Mt. Vernon
Saks Market, on East Main
Bali-Hi Drive-In, Church Street 
Hi-Boy Drive-Inn, Rt. 79

Photos courtesy of Bill Johns and Paul "Tink" Conklin.

Talines Grocery and Filling Station on the corner of Mt. Vernon Road and Channel Street. Think vanilla Cokes and buying cigarettes. It is now the
​Vogue Hair Studio.

Favorite Hangouts or
​Places You Remember

Butler's Confectionary, Mt. Vernon Road, across from Roosevelt School. Lunch special; chicken pepper sandwich, fries with vinegar and a vanilla shake.
Photo taken in 2006.

Neighborhood Hangouts 
Newark, Ohio 1950's 

Bill Johns and Chuck Arnold
in 1958, hanging around Watson's Grocery at 247 West Main Street.

1959 ad for the Fairfield Shoppe

Every Newark, Ohio neighborhood in the 1950's had its corner grocery store, soda fountain or lunch counter. As teenagers, this was the place to be. A place to hang out. Your friends were there, Bill Haley was on the juke box and you tried, with your last dime, to obtain high score on the pinball machine. 

The girls sat in booths giggling and talking about the movies. The guys stood around with their collars turned up trying desperately to look like James Dean. It took you all afternoon to spend fifty cents, if you had it.

On this page you will see some of these wonderful places. Share with us your stories and photos.