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The Snack Bar

The shop was renamed "Newlons" sometime in the early 70's and is now, in 2011, "Masons Country Diner." The building has been expanded over many years.

​​​​Photographed in 2011, "Mason's Country Diner," on E. Main Street in
Newark, was originally called "The Snack Bar" back in the fifties.

The former Lincoln Junior High School on East Main Street says farewell, on November 1st, 2011.

This haunting image was taken during the final days of the destruction of Lincoln Junior High School in 2011. There has been much discussion as to why this historic structure was sentenced to the wrecking ball. Would like to hear your thoughts. Send to:

Photo taken by Susie Que of Facebook Fame

The building, known in the fifties, as the “Snack Bar," is on the corner of Allen & E. Main Street, next to Lincoln Junior High School.

Wayne Malott and his wife ran the Snack Bar from about 1955 to 1961. A glass of fountain Coke was a nickel and burgers were a quarter.

Wayne had one of those big peanut roasters and would sell peanuts by the bag. He would get neighborhood kids to work several hours bagging the peanuts and the reward would be "one" bag of peanuts.

Wayne had one of the old chest-type pop machines out on the sidewalk. To buy pop you lifted the lid, put your money in and slid the bottle along to a point where you could lift it out. It is rumored that kids would go up there after closing time, with a bottle opener and a straw, helping themselves to some free pop.

Front Row, L-R Bob Burris, Dana Dick, Larry Edwards, Gordon Johnson, Bill Corder, Bob Hahn 
Back Row. L-R Fred Bethards, Bill Cluggish, Jim Richards, Coach Richard "Dick" Schenck,
Roger Cherubini, Bill Cashdollar, Everett Hollingshead 

The 9th Grade basketball team from Lincoln (57-58)
They won the city league championship, but lost 33-32 to Wilson in the tournament.

The Lincoln Lions

Lincoln Junior High School

Lincoln Junior High School's Last Stand

The Lincoln Lion from the floor of the gym. It was auctioned off before the building was torn down. Lincoln alumni, Crys Davis bought it for her sister,
​Sherrie Davis McGriff.

Lincoln Junior High Basketball Team     Newark, Ohio 1957