Many of us have wondered how "Tink" got his nickname. Paul seemed a little reluctant to tell me, so I had to negotiate by threatening to post photos of him, at
​Bare-Ass Beach, on the North Fork. "Ok you nailed me", he said. "My uncle called me stinker and Sonny, my brother, couldn't say stinker, so he called me Tinker, later shortened to Tink.

​​The photos of our house and the 4 kids in front are myself and my brother, Gary,Jr., the toddler is Benji, a child my mom babysat and I do not know the other little boy's name, but he was also in my kindergarten class.

Mom would stand on the porch and watch us walk to school for as long as she could see us, boy have times changed. the dates on the photos are 1969 for the house and 1973 for the one with us kids. 

Our family packed up and was moving to Tulsa when my dad decided to go to Spartan School of Aeronautics. On my 6th birthday. Ms. Richardson had our family spend the last night at her house so dad could have the U-Haul packed up and ready to head out in the wee hours. I took my bath and when I came out, I saw there was a party for me. You can see how excited I was in the one photo. I've always remembered how special it was. The other photo is with Sharon and Mel Trout (my mom had their names on the back of the photo). The year was 1973. 

I took tap lessons when I was 4 years old and the photos are from our recital. We did "The Candy Man" (and I still have and use my little red stool from it, as well as the costume) and I think the instructor's name was Mr. Johnny. It was June 1972. 

Paul "Tink" Conklin 

Try to imagine how many hubcaps would be missing from your car if this gang on the left showed up. LtoR, Front row: Jim Cohen, Don Archer. Back row: "Tink" Conklin, Dick Yonker and Larry Potter, 1954

Photo was taken behind Conklin's Home on Evans Street in the North End. Dark house in the background was the home of Danny Callentine and Connie Stricker lived across the street.

"You've Got Mail."
How ahead of her time was classmate Pat Evans riding her Irish Mail pedal car back in the Forties? This five year old tomboy was living on Newark Road in Granville, Ohio. 

Her vintage machine, purchased by her mother, is not really a “pedal” car. You pump the handle back and forth with your arms, to make it move. The car was steered with your feet. 

Pat (Ann) Evans attended
Granville Elementary 1st grade
Goosepond (Newark Township) grades 2 - 8
Wilson Junior High 9th grade
Newark High grades 10 – 12
OSU BA sociology 1974

Click here to see how a modern Irish Mail Car works. 

Click here to watch a similar contraption, the
​railroad Hand Car.

Former Keller Elementry School
​62 East Stevens Street, Newark, Ohio 2018

Speedster Pat Evans

One of our classmates is seeking memories lost in a fire. Rich Norris would love to have any and all Reveille yearbooks from 57-59 that you might have for sale. He will pay for them and cost of shipping. Contact Rich here: 

Rich Norris
17 Junction Drive
Glen Carbon, IL 62034 

Update 26FEB10

I have the 57 and 59 now so all that is left is the 58. So if anyone comes up with that one, I'll have the set.

Thanks to all that have come through and I so enjoyed seeing all at the reunion. I'll be there for the next one (God willing).
Thanks for all you and the class have done to make me feel belonged. Its a strange feeling since I felt so alone during my years at NHS.

Update 22OCT13

I want to thank all of those who went above and beyond in allowing me to acquire the three yearbooks 57, 58 and 59. I have enjoyed perusing them many, many times to refresh my memory and have made contact with many of those that I knew at Newark High School. 
Thank you,

49 East Channel Street

My 6th birthday in 1973,  the next day we moved to Tulsa.

And the class photo, upper left, I'm last row, far left. 
One fond memory I had was the neighbor's to our left were young teenaged guys and their mom, and a Beagle named Shorty. My dad and uncle had some major water-fights with the boys next door, all in fun of course. I remember they were nice to me...and something about a stuffed panda bear. I've always wanted to visit Newark and see if more memories are triggered by being there, but raising a family hasn't left us the time. Yet. I want to make it one day. I don't have any idea if our house is still standing or not, but I remember my mom said that they paid around $9,000 for it, I believe in 1966. In my minds-eye, I see Newark as "Mayberry". Is it? 

Yes, you may use anything from our emails that you like. I tried finding the Weaver twin's photos, but couldn't find them just yet. I don't remember their names either, but how many Weaver twins in Newark could there have been in the early 1970's? Thanks for taking the time on the website. Without it, I wouldn't have confirmed as many memories as I have.

Take care, Beth

Beth Frey Linn
Hi Mr. Vaughn, 

To your question of how I found the site, I'm not sure. I'm researching our family and have many sites bookmarked and cannot remember which site lead me to yours. I'm very glad I found it, I've had more memories in the last few days from seeing photos and reading up on Newark. 

I'm attaching some photos and will leave it up to you on what you add and how. I'm not computer savvy at all. 

Families who lived on Evans Street were Jayne Steiner's family, The Smiths,The Kigers, The Yonkers, The Smarts, The Sullivans, The Gilberts ,The Pangles, The Kosiers,
The Strickers, Don Holton's Grandad lived there and
​Don lived with him some. 

Back then we were allowed to play outside till dark. Lots of hide and seek and kick the can. Also pinning horns at halloween time-younger people don't remember that. One of my fondest memories of my childhood was Bob Lewis, Bill Harris, Don Holton and I spending a lot of time fishing the North Fork of the Licking River [Water Works].

Life on Evans Street in 1953. LtoR, Mrs. Conklin, "Tink" Conklin and on bike, Larry Fekete.

The Candy Man, 1972   -   LtoR: Kim Richardson, Jerri Prior, 
Trinston Winston, Patricia Jacquet, Beth Frey.

Keller Elementry School 1972-73 AM Kindergarten Mrs. Schift

Memories of Newark, Ohio.