Thank You Helen Lawrence and Jim Shriner.

​Dating this photo of the Original Newark High School has been difficult. 

White's Field, home of the Newark High Wildcats.

Jefferson Road Home of Thomas J. Evans, 
founder of the Career and Technology 
Education Center of Newark..

The local "Den of Iniquity," as our Mothers loved to call it, was the local Billiard Parlor, or as better stated "The Pool Room." This was the second most attended location, after the high school itself, from a male point of reference. The girls went to the Sparta. (Click Here)

Billiards is a very sophisticated game using only three balls. 
Us punks were not even allowed near the billiard tables. Our game was eight ball and for the advanced punk, nine ball. 
Pinball games, the famous Lemon-Blend drink, served over the counter and eight ball, consumed our young, malleable, lives.

The Parlor shown here, was moved from its original and wonderful Arcade location, to this non-descript former Supermarket. The Newark Trust Company tore down the south Arcade, housing the pool room, for drive-thru banking. 

East Main Street "Pool Room," (1955 ?)
Courtesy of Dale Wiley​/

Over One Million Haircuts Sold...Vaughn's Barber Shop. Remember Orville Ryan, who swept up the place?

Local Historian Bill Johns has this to say: "The earliest Reveille that I have, here at home, is 1928. It has a picture of Newark High School, that is the same as the two buildings on your post card, although a different view. The building on the left, on the post card, is the old building that we went to in 1959.

The one on the right had been replaced in the early 1940's (between 1939 and 1941 according to the year books that I have). According to the 1939 Reveille the building on the right in your postcard was erected in 1884. The building on the left was built in 1908." ​A Newark postcard collector, has set the date of this card, at 1909.​

Den of Iniquity

Photos of Newark, Ohio 

Original Newark High School, Photo Courtesy of the Reynoldsburg-Truro Historical Society.

Newark Municipal Swimming Pool, Hollander Street. Linda Martin wore the first two piece bathing suit. Almost caused a riot in 1953.