The Beginning
August Wehrle

Striking a GQ pose are Red Arter and Gale Piper.

A meeting of the minds, Roy Shields and George Duncomb.

Homer Comisford and his wife are all set for a fun day at the park.

Don Keck and Don McFarland, building up courage to ride the Roller Coaster.

Rose Starner and children head for the Roller Coaster.

Lillian Crowley thinks over riding the Pretzel.

Klaus, Lucille Hartman, Pat Smith  sometimes things just get crazy

Bert Hoskinson, L. Brush, H. Dague, W. Johns enjoy a summertime treat.

Onie Green waves some cash.

D. McFarland, Don Keck, R. Deal and his wife, Putt-Putt Champions.

Picnic Page 2 

Newark Stove Company Picnic at Buckeye Lake Park 1956

Newark Stove Company Picnic

Mike Massaro and Don McFarland open a giant picnic basket.

Ray Tovell, ___? Brunner light up a smoke.

Picnic Page 2 

Elsie the Cow watches over George Martin and William Tavener.

A meeting of the minds, Roy Shields Al Lawrence and Gale Piper survey the scene.

Dan Toomey says to Red Tanner, "So this is where I test my skills, huh?"

Frank Antritt, Paul Gouris, ___ ___?, water the lilies.

Red Horn, Park Felty, boy, Walt Majors work out a plan.

Joe and Bunny West relaxing.

Jim Brown strolls through the park.

Bert Bausman and his wife are in a picnic mood.

Newark, Ohio

Mike Massaro tells the daughters, "We're going to have the time of our lives today."

Pat Meredith and Pat Corder, all smiles.

C. Goodin, W. Richardson and R. Touvell share a story