The Beginning
August Wehrle

  • Summertime, Summertime (Single Version)1:58

Picnic Page 3 

Everyone looking for some shade.

Newark, Ohio

Looking amused, C. Good checks out the crowd.

Heading for a fish dinner are Red Tanner, ___? Whiteman, Bob Merdith, Alex Jones and Hobart Sanderson.

Picnics are great for families, says Bob Merideth.

Newark Stove Company Picnic

Entertaining the crowd, is stand-up comedian Mel Mullis. Sitting, LtoR: John Francis, Elsie Mullis wife, and Mrs Ridella, neighbor.

Chas Meloy and family all dressed up for the picnic and
​ready for creamsicle bars, to drip all over them.

Thinking he is sneaking off for a swim, is Pat Russell.

Homer Comisford and his wife, make a stylish couple.

Hobart Sanderson handles the prize drawings.

In the foreground is, Janice Cochran and in the background, sisters Mary and Anne Laca,
​dazzle the crowd.

Newark Stove Company Picnic at Buckeye Lake Park 1959

Hobart Sanderson's wife holds on tight.

The crowd builds and builds.

Whistles...I hear whistles!

The Pause that Refreshes.

Picnic Page 3 

One classy looking picnic.

Herman Leiber, wife Helen, son Richard and family, ease into the day.