Chas Meloy and family all dressed up for the picnic and
​ready for creamsicle bars, to drip all over them.

Thinking he is sneaking off for a swim, is Pat Russell.

Homer Comisford and his wife, make a stylish couple.

Hobart Sanderson handles the prize drawings.

The Beginning
August Wehrle

  • Summertime, Summertime (Single Version)1:58

In the foreground is, Janice Cochran and in the background, sisters Mary and Anne Laca,
​dazzle the crowd.

Newark Stove Company Picnic at Buckeye Lake Park 1959

Hobart Sanderson's wife holds on tight.

Picnic Page 3 

Everyone looking for some shade.

Newark, Ohio

Looking amused, C. Good checks out the crowd.

The crowd builds and builds.

Heading for a fish dinner are Red Tanner, ___? Whiteman, Bob Merdith, Alex Jones and Hobart Sanderson.

Whistles...I hear whistles!

The Pause that Refreshes.

Picnics are great for families, says Bob Merideth.

Picnic Page 3 

Newark Stove Company Picnic

One classy looking picnic.

Herman Leiber, wife Helen, son Richard and family, ease into the day.

Entertaining the crowd, is stand-up comedian Mel Mullis. Sitting, LtoR: John Francis, Elsie Mullis wife, and Mrs Ridella, neighbor.