Gerry Graft

Buckeye Lake Amusement Park was just several miles south of Newark, Ohio. The park was the Disney World of its day. All the Big Bands of the era played there, along with appearances by many famous movie stars, recording artist, radio entertainers and TV celebrities.

Every year, an employee picnic was held at the lake by the Newark Stove Company. The summer extravaganza was originally called The Wehrle Picnic and eventually became the Newark Stove Company Picnic. It was the biggest event of the year, for the stove plant
and was enthusiastically looked forward to, by employees and
their children.

These webpages will allow you to experience those fun days of the past. Your help is much needed, with information and correction of
employee names.

Entrance to Buckeye Lake Park 1956

Alex Jones prepares to greet the thousands of people who would attend the 1960 Newark Stove Company Picnic at Buckeye Lake

This is one, of hundreds of Polaroid Photos, taken by Willard Vaughn, in the Glory Days of the Newark Stove Company.

John Clark and his wife

Newark Stove Company Picnic at Buckeye Lake Park 1960


Tom Wachaya and G. Martin

Buckeye Lake Amusement Park 1950's

Ferris Wheel

Steve Csubak and Zeke Gall

Picnic Page 1 

Lillian Crowley

Picnic Page 1 

Group having a nice day

Bob Hope and Virginia Mayo at the Buckeye Lake 
Park Terrace Lounge in 1951

TV Stars, Sally Flowers and Billy Scott. Billy sold "Post Holes" on the show.

Newark Stove Company Picnic

Newark, Ohio

Dick Guthrie-President and CEO