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Photo complments of Kathy Dickerson Trager

Bali Drive-In, posted originally here April 4. It was located west of the present YMCA at 500 W. Church St., toward the street. By 1964, it was the license bureau. ( Steve Wilson) Looking back through the Advocate, the first I see mention of the Bali Drive-In, was the summer of 1947. I had no idea it had been there that long. They even had dances there in the forties and fifties. I can't imagine, as it was small.

Amusing Story:

Back in the early 60's I was one of the local Disk Jockies, that managed to play records, from the roof of the Bali Drive In. To get to the roof you had to climb a wooden ladder, at the back of the building, to enter the sound booth.

Was playing music and getting requests from the folks dining in their cars. One of the obvious characters there, ask to hear a song called "Please Mr. Custer, I Don't Want to Go." I absolutely despised that song. Idiot that I am, I decided to let him know my thoughts, of his song selection.

Things rolled along and it was a fun, summer, teenage night, on the roof. When my shift ended I exited the booth and headed for the ladder. Guess what....the ladder was gone!!!!

Learned a valuable lesson that night... As a DJ, keep your thoughts about music selections, to yourself.

Click here to play Mr. Custer...

There's a Tavern in the Town

My DJ Days in the 60's Philip Vaughn

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Valley Drive-In 21st Street  Newark, Ohio 1954