Diana Patterson's Bingo Card

Graduating from Roosevelt Junior High was a scary thing for many of us, who had attended no other school for ten long years. Remember all the wild stories we heard about creepy old Newark High.

The elevator passes, Frewcie Boyd, the mean old principal and the really weird guy, Emerson Miller, who lived next door and did bookkeeping, semi-naked, in his back yard.

Our class did not want to leave the security and memories of wonderful Roosevelt. There was Butler's Confectionery featuring Chicken Sandwiches and the Fairfield Shop's Pink Floats along with a Pinball Machine. Students could walk home from school for lunch.

But off we went into the great unknown.

Graduation Fiesta April 27th, 1956 Roosevelt Junior High School, Newark, Ohio

Roosevelt Junior High School

mmmmmm, smell that mimeograph ink...

Roosevelt 9th graders standing l to r: Marilyn Boyling - Carolyn Lonzo 
​Carol Sue Kinney - bottom l to r:  Janet Trickett - Carole Boyling

These lovely young ladies decided to take a fall bike ride out to Horns HiIl. On the way
they passed by Possum Hollow Road and decided to take this wonderful photo.

Photo courtesy of Janet Trickett

The Roosevelt Gym

The Possum Hollow Bikers - 1956


The Roosevelt Stage