This photo was taken at Scout Camp during the summer. Troop #1 had successfully captured a young buzzard and was proudly showing off their catch. Following the release of the young bird, every scout in Troop #1 was given a free swim for a good reason! The buzzard did its thing.

Roosevelt School Girl Scouts  
Newark, Ohio 1951 

Kite Contest, May 27, 1950, M.F Harter, Cubmaster, R.B. Young, Chairman.

Front Row: Louie Vaia, Joel Lichtenstein, George Handle, Jim Lawrence, Joe Howarth,
George Dell, Frank Harter, Cubmaster 
Second Row: Jim Young, Jeffery Kreider, Jim Smith, Bill Myers, Jeffery Roberts, Garry McLaughlin, Jim Ritchey, Stanley Gibson, Bobby Kern, Francis Moore

Second Presbyterian Church
​Boy Scouts 

Newark, Ohio 1951 

Scouting in the 50's
Top Photo Courtesy of Diana Patterson
Den Photo Courtesy of Garry McLaughlin
Buzzard Photo Courtesy of Doug Brookhart

Cub Scouts Den 4 Newark, Ohio 1950

Photo includes: Bill Ratliff, Ronnie Van Winkle, Don McVey, Bud West, Warren Dickover, Phil Montanya, Allan Lane, Rex Hackley, Ernie Kuhn, Ron Kreager, Dave Stauffer.

Camp Falling Rock

Top Row: Skip Helms, Bill Sidwell, Larry Ault, Philip Vaughn, Tom Gordon, Steve Sidwell
Middle Row Jim Macklin, Doug Basford
Front Row: Bill Acton, Mick Cochran, Jack Olpp, Paul Hottinger?, Richard Baughman.