Photo includes: Bill Ratliff, Ronnie Van Winkle, Don McVey, Bud West, Warren Dickover, Phil Montanya, Allan Lane, Rex Hackley, Ernie Kuhn, Ron Kreager, Dave Stauffer.

Camp Falling Rock

Second Presbyterian Church
​Boy Scouts 

Newark, Ohio 1951 

This photo was taken at Scout Camp during the summer. Troop #1 had successfully captured a young buzzard and was proudly showing off their catch. Following the release of the young bird, every scout in Troop #1 was given a free swim for a good reason! The buzzard did its thing.

Roosevelt School Girl Scouts  
Newark, Ohio 1951 

Scouting in the 50's
Top Photo Courtesy of Diana Patterson
Den Photo Courtesy of Garry McLaughlin
Buzzard Photo Courtesy of Doug Brookhart

Top Row: Skip Helms, Bill Sidwell, Larry Ault, Philip Vaughn, Tom Gordon, Steve Sidwell
Middle Row Jim Macklin, Doug Basford
Front Row: Bill Acton, Mick Cochran, Jack Olpp, Paul Hottinger?, Richard Baughman.

Cub Scouts Den 4 Newark, Ohio 1950

Kite Contest, May 27, 1950, M.F Harter, Cubmaster, R.B. Young, Chairman.

Front Row: Louie Vaia, Joel Lichtenstein, George Handle, Jim Lawrence, Joe Howarth,
George Dell, Frank Harter, Cubmaster 
Second Row: Jim Young, Jeffery Kreider, Jim Smith, Bill Myers, Jeffery Roberts, Garry McLaughlin, Jim Ritchey, Stanley Gibson, Bobby Kern, Francis Moore