The Fury's, 1961, LtoR: Joe Parsons, Danny Callantine,
​Jerry Spears, ​Mike Weed and Jerry Braunbeck.

The Hide-A-Way Bar at the Lake Breeze Hotel, Buckeye Lake, Ohio 1950. In the early 60's the name of the bar was changed to The Submarine Room. The hotel burned down in 1966.
Photo courtesy of the Buckeye Lake Historical Society.

Everett Hollingshead, Newark,
Gone is the Curly-Perm.

1946 Plymouth Convertable

                   Fury's from the Beginning

In 1958, Dick Norris and I decided we would run away from home. It was "the" thing to do in the Fifties. My brother, John, who owned the Hi-Lo Bar in Newark, drove a 1946 Plymouth convertible. Mechanic, Bill Jaynes, had put a 1957 Plymouth Fury motor in the car.

Joe Parsons, Heath, Ohio • Danny Calentine, Died 1960's • Jerry Spears, Died 2008 • Mike Weed, Heath, Ohio • Jerry Braunbeck, Millersport, Ohio • Everett Holingshead, Newark, Ohio
Bob "Suitcase" Simpson, Newark, Ohio 


Like most rock groups the Fury's changed members many times. In 1963 they merged with a group from Mt. Vernon, Ohio, shown below and played at the Sunset Nightclub on Rt 13.​

The Sound and the Fury... 

Where are they now - 2011

LtoR, Front Row: Mike Weed and Joe Parsons. Middle Row: Carl Young, Back Row: Louie Sleeman, Bob Steinbrink and Bob Simpson. 
Band photos courtesy of Dianna Parsons.

The Fury's were the hottest music group in the Newark, Ohio area in the early sixties. They had a pounding guitar sound much like the Ventures of "Walk Don't Run" fame: 
The Moonlight Gardens nightclub, on Hollander Street, was their main gig, although they played at many other clubs in central Ohio. This included the Windsor Steak House on Rt. 22 in Zanesville and the Hide-A-Way Bar at Buckeye Lake.

Jerry Braunbeck, Millersport, 
Still kickin' still pickin.'

The original Moonlight Gardens building shown in 2000. It is now the Heath Eagles Lodge.

My brother made the mistake of leaving the keys in the ignition. This was our break-out from Newark and away we went. We got as far as New Concord, Ohio, on old Rt 40, before we ran out of gas. We slept in the car all night and at daybreak went to a farmer's house to ask for help and some gas. The farmer helped alright, he called the Ohio State Highway Patrol. We ended up in the Cambridge jail until my Dad came down later in the day to "spring" us.

Dick and I would get together at his Grandma's, where I would attempt to play "Great Balls of Fire" on the piano. Dick would smack forks on a chair for the beat. In honor of our ill-fated runaway attempt, in the Fury powered '46, we decided to call our pretend “band” the Fury's. 

During the next year I joined with Mike Weed, Freddie Lowe and Tom Spring to form a real band, the original Fury's. Local promoter, Ed McCoy, heard us play and his daughter, Marcia, join the group.

In 1960 I left the group to form the JP Combo with Jack Penick, Bob Hahn and Dick Foreman. Mike Weed took control of the Fury's and organized the group you see above, in the 1961 photo.