Fabian visits Bob Sherman.

Gary King Brookhart 

During our years at Newark High School, there were many of our generation who stood out from the crowd. This page is a tribute to class members we remember, not necessarily from our '59 class, but those who touched our lives at NHS. 

You are welcomed to send your favorite stand out.

Walter Bolton

Jim Tyrer

Gary Brookhart graduated with the Class of 1956 from Newark Senior High School. In the early 1960's, Gary moved to Columbus where he worked at WCOL and later station WMNI where he did everything including Sock Hops. 

He broadened his sports interests by broadcasting the Ohio State basketball games. Using the radio name of Bob Sherman, Brookhart hosted the Coach Fred Taylor show on WMNI.

Later in his career Bob Sherman, would be the voice of the Michigan State Spartans. In the 1970's Bob Sherman, expanded his broadcasting into Indianapolis Racing and NASCAR. He was the voice of the Indy 500, each day in the month of May for twenty-five years, reporting from the track for Mutual Broadcasting on radio.

At the young age of 55, Gary King Brookhart, aka Bob Sherman, passed away unexpectedly in 1993, and has been missed in sports broadcasting ever since.

NEWARK -- Walter Bolton Jr. wrote of a simpler Newark. It was a time when boys could roam the city without worry and come home just in time for dinner. Bolton, who died September 2, 2006 at age 64, recounted his carefree childhood experiences on Rugg Avenue during the 1950s in his book, "If it's Farther Than a Bike Ride ... It Doesn't Exist!"

The book was the city's official selection for its bicentennial celebration in 2002. The former baseball pitching coach described his birthplace as "the most important place to live. In an age when information was less important than perspiration, we worked our way through every nook and cranny we discovered." 

The book is available for sale at The Frame Up in downtown Newark. 4 N Park Place, Phone: (740) 349-8710 

By MARK SZAKONYI Advocate Reporter.


Growing up on Fairfield Avenue, Jim Tyrer, excelled in football at Newark High School and was on the 1961 National Championship team at The Ohio State University. 

Jim's position was a tackle and he played his pro career for the Kansas City Chiefs. He participated in the very first Superbowl and was named to the all-time American Football League team, selected by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.